And I am adrift…

Every Indian parent has aspirations for their children. My parents had dreams too. And their dreams were so lucid that as I began to visualize my life around them, not really comprehending my true calling. And so I took up sciences, pursued graduation in engineering and became a worthy employee in a well established multinational company. It always struck as the most obvious choice to me.

I was a web developer and I loved coding. I really did! But during my years of service, I realized that the corporate culture was deeply rooted in the master-slave ideology, which didn’t work well for a dreamer like me.

You would often find me reluctant to carry myself to the office in the morning. Even though the work was good, I missed that sense of belongingness. It lacked the zeal surrounding artistry. Even though my relations with the management were cordial, it tasted too professional. Oft the deadlines were set at the cost of the slave’s personal life. By evening, I would find myself questioning the Whats and Whys. “Is this what I always meant to do?”, “Is money the only driving force in anyone’s life?”

The mundaneness of my normal life daunted me. I yearned to read, propped up on the stairs, basking in the morning sun. To hear the chirrups of the birds bidding goodbye to the setting sun. To travel into the unknown, to satiate my thirst for fresh air and natural beauty. To ink my thoughts and experiences every dusk and every dawn. I enjoyed my freedom and I wanted to unleash my creativity.

I feared not ‘living at the edge’ but ‘dying with regret’.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost (The Road Not Taken)
Excerpt from ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost. PC: Pinterest

No, it didn’t happen on one fine day. After months of planning, conflicts, brooding and endless soliloquies, I finally made my choice – Passion over Career! Convincing myself was harder than convincing my parents. No, it wasn’t a jump off the cliff with hopes of miracles on the way. I saved just enough to sustain myself. Side effects also include controlled expenses and a disciplined lifestyle. And yeah, I have thought of backups, just in case!

Bye bye to a lucrative job and handsome paychecks. They lure me no more. I am all set to pour my heart on paper. I don’t know if I’ll smell success. But I do know, for certain, that for now, this is the best decision and it is a risk worth taking!

“I have trotted through the rocky falls,
tis time to drift along the stray meanders…”



This is one of the most crucial turning points of my life. Of course, it involves a great deal of support from my family and friends and I can never thank them enough!

If you too have been through a similar endeavor, do share with me in the comments below.

In response to The Daily Prompt, ‘Meander’


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